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  • European Asset Managers Are Using MiFID II as a Weapon in the Battle for Global Asset Flows

    Far-sighted European asset managers are forging a commercial advantage out of an unlikely source - the inevitable regulatory reality of MiFID II. This alchemy may help European managers turn the tide against the predominant theme in asset flows since the turn of the century – the seemingly inexorable market share gains made by large US-based managers as they have broadened asset raising efforts outside of their domestic market.

  • FrostRB launch - press coverage

    Click the title above for a list of press articles covering the launch of our FrostRB research valuation and budgeting solution.

  • Frost Consulting launches valuation & budgeting software for investment research ahead of MiFID II

    Frost Consulting today launched FrostRB, a research valuation & budgeting software platform which gives asset managers the ability to establish monetary (dollar) values for specific unpriced research products and construct monetary research budgets that meet MiFID II research spending requirements.

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